Sensational media

"The use of celebrities can mask the causes of humanitarian disasters" was examined thoughtfully at 'Sensational (ising) Development':  a discussion about how the media represents international development at the Development Studies Association event.

Fascinating analysis was provided by Dr Martin Scott (University of East Anglia) about the use of media as a magic bullet or corporate tool, where the needs of audiences are simplified, misunderstood or ignored.  China's motives for its interventions are usually represented critically but are they any different or worse than those of the West? Dr Mel Bunce (City University) interpreted statistics about the notion of 'Africa Rising' showing countries such as Nigeria with a growing GDP as a much needed 'good news story' whilst its actual numbers of people living below the poverty line are increasing. Prof.Lisa Ann Richey (Roskilde University) unpicked the unforseen consequences of when consumers are encouraged to buy products that donate funds to support campaigns in countries in the global south.

Media representations of international development are changing.